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    Monarch v11 & v13 export issue via a batch job

    Gary Morris

      Hi folks,

      I raised this as a v11 issue sometime ago and the same issue is occurring after the model has been converted from v11 to v13


      A v11 model filters on a number of records, in a table, which when manually exported to Excel outputs the correct data

      If the same table is run via a batch job (per Wordpad) then spurious records are exported. One (spurious) example seen today was for a SEK amount to a 4* ledger account somehow exporting to Excel as a USD amount to a 5* account. If I view the table onscreen this spurious record does not appear and if I export manually directly from Monarch to Excel again the issue does not occur. I converted the model to v13 via the Datawatch utility and exactly the same issue occurs. This is not an isolated issue and it is having quite a negative effect on our processes as team members are having to export manually as they don't trust the downloads via batch jobs.


      I am going to contact Datawatch Support on this but if anyone out there has any idea as to the cause of this issue then I would very much welcome your comments!!





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          Olly Bond

          Hello Gary,


          I wouldn't trust v11 totally - you don't say which version, but if you are running batch jobs it's 11.4 or lower, I guess, and there were bug fixes through to 11.9 on that.


          I've not see that sort of problem in v13 and it's slightly odd to hear it - it's working with a totally different database engine. The best practice would be to atomise the model in question - by that I mean to break down each step of what the model is trying to do into separate models. So instead of having one model go and fetch a report from the network, trap it, filter it, sort it, make calculated fields, join external lookups, filter on these, summarise from that and export what's needed, break it into steps.


          Step 1, fetches the data, filters and sorts if required, exports to a local C:\temp\step1.mdb (Access is generally a good safe interim format). Step 2 opens this, adds in calculated fields and exports to step2.mdb. Step 3 opens this, and makes one external lookup, then saves to step3.md.. and so on. It's a pain, because you are telling your PC to do the heavy lifting of opening a 25MB executable in memory maybe ten times instead of once, and it might slow the process a little, but it means you get an audit trail you can look at of each intermediate step, and it generally helps Monarch to avoid falling over its own shoelaces when you're asking it to do too much at once.


          Hope that helps,



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              Gary Morris

              Hi Olly,


              We are on v11.1.  I converted the model in question to v13 via the Datawatch utility so maybe the “baggage” crossed over as well. I rebuilt the model in v13 and the issue was resolved. I am hoping that the v11 issue us the exception to the rule as I can’t afford the time to rebuild our many v11 models! I have instructed our team to only build new models in v13.


              Thanks for the technical advice which I will follow. There are a few other v11 models which seem to be suffering from the same issue so it would be very nice to identify the cause of what appears to be a very odd issue.


              I’ll be sure to let you know if I have any success!


              Best Regards






              Gary Morris | Senior Assistant Manager – Financial Projects