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    Monarch 10.5 installer

    Patrick Finn

      Hi Guys,


      So I am trying to install Monarch 10.5 on a Windows 7 Desktop for the Server Edition. When I tried to run setup, it asked for the Network location and then proceeded to overwrite the network files and messed it up for users. I found a client install folder but when I run that it installs fine but tells me that MFWFIL32.dll is not valid or corrupt.


      It seems to have created a new directory in the Monarch folder on the server, called Client with a folder called Program and this file is the only one in there. A file of the same name is in the main Monarch\Program folder on the server, If I overwrite the new file with this Monarch works, but I'm not sure if this will cause issues with Monarch for other users.


      Any tips/help would be greatly appreciated as its been 6 yrs since anyone has have to install 10.5 for someone here and they've left..



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          Armand Max Olivares

          Hi Patrick,


          In order to assist you further may I ask what Monarch v10 version are you installing, is this a stand alone or maybe a VLA?


          May I also ask if you can find that you can uninstall Monarch in Control Panel>Programs and Features>Unisntall a program, and if so can you please uninstall it, then install Monarch as administrator by right clicking on the executable an running as admin.


          Hope this helps.


          Kind Regards,



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              Patrick Finn

              Hi Armand,


              I have uninstalled and reinstalled as suggested, but it makes no difference. The version we have is 10.5 Pro, its not a stand alone version as it is server based. The monarch.exe is run from the Server. I have gotten it to open after I edited the registry, correcting the location of the Program folder to the correct one, but no Models will open for me, the netexec.exe file crashes, Error 1000 in the Event log. Other file types will open.



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              MelaSarenas _

              Hi Patrick,


              Just trying to get more information...


              Where is the server installed?  I mean what is the OS of the Monarch server.

              Are you installing the workstation on a Windows 7 Pro machine?