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    Automate opening project and exporting file

    Steve Alger

      I am reading about the purpose of Project files and I am wondering if I can use the project file to automate the task from opening the report file / model file AND exporting the results to an excel file.


      I cant seem to get the export part to work.


      If you could refer me to the proper literature, that would be great.

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          Olly Bond

          Hello Steve,


          You're quite right that the project file contains the definitions of the exports, along with the locations of the input reports or database, and the model being applied to it. The model file contains the template and field definitions, sorts, filters, external look-ups and summaries.


          Up until Monarch 11.5, automating this on the desktop was easy - you could write a batch file with the syntax "monarch.exe project.xprj /pxall" which would call Monarch, open the project, and perform all the defined exports. More sophisticated options were available and there's a Monarch Programmers' Guide PDF which references these.


          Since 11.5, desktop automation is no longer available in the normal licence. For the last three years, you could buy an additional licence (at a significant cost) which would enable desktop automation to work. In the last three months, that's changed again, and desktop automation is now available via a desktop edition of the server product "Automator".


          I'm afraid that I don't have any details of pricing or system requirements, but I am sure that Datawatch sales will be able to help.


          Best wishes,



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            Marianna Romero

            Hello Steve,


            Here's a video on the Automator - http://www.datawatch.com/resource-center/webinars/intro-automator/

            This was shot on an earlier version of the product but will hopefully explain things for you.



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              Steve Alger

              Thanks for the responses.  I checked and the price to add is 4X what I paid for the V13 Classic.  I will just wait.