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    CTOD not working

    Kimberly Scaccia

      Hello: I have a memo field that I extracted a date from.  The date is in 'character' format in the original extract.  I have trimmed the field to ensure there are no leading spaces and tried to use the CTOD function to convert the field to a date. I am not sure why, but Monarch will not convert the information to date.  The only thing I can figure is because the newly created field is not MM/DD/YYYY.  It generally has only one month character or one day character, if applicable.






      I tried to separate each into separate fields. So, now at least have numeric fields for Month, Day, Year


      Month           Day            Year

      11                 30               2010

      6                   30               2011


      I have tried everything I can think of to try to convert these fields to dates.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.