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    Cannot view PDF File in Monarch

    Shannon Stratton

      Hi - I using V13 Monarch, but when I try to open a certain PDF file - the screen is blank.  I tried to convert the file to text format, but it just comes out garbled.  Do you think it is the PDF file itself?  Sincerely, Shannon

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          Zhanna Abidor

          Hello Shannon,


          It is hard to say without looking into example of the pdf you are referring to but it is possible that pdf contains image only and there is nothing to parse.


          You may want to submit a support case and send us an example of look at the source of the pdf to see if it only contains and image.




          Zhanna Abidor


          Technical support representative

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            Olly Bond

            Hello Shannon,


            In Acrobat Reader, can you select the text and copy it to Notepad? If you can, then there's no reason Monarch can't handle it, in which case a support ticket makes sense, as maybe you've discovered a new variety of PDF formatting that Monarch will need to learn.


            If you can't select and copy the text in Acrobat Reader, then it might just be an image layer - like a fax - and Monarch won't be able to get to this. There are good tools out there - Acrobat Professional, Abbyy FineReader, Nitro PDF, Cute PDF - all of them can convert image based PDF files to text based ones, using Optical Character Recognition or OCR.


            What's best will depend on the size of the job - hundreds of files, hundreds of pages in each? - and the frequency - every day, every month or a one off? and how automated it needs to be -  can it be run manually by you, or does it need to be batched, or does it need to run when the lights are out from an incoming stream of PDF files?


            Good luck,