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    Removing Page Break

    Tingyu Du

      I'm curious if there is any way to remove the page breaks from a report in Monarch V9.


      I tried to modify the Input Options to "Force page break after_lines", but Monarch only allows a maximum number of 256 lines, but I need to have at least 500 lines in a page. Is there a way to have more than 256 lines in a page?


      Thanks a lot for any help!

        • Re: Removing Page Break
          Olly Bond

          I requested this as a feature around v11 time, as far as I recall - faced with a very big PDF where the scaling meant that each page was coming in longer than the 256 line limit. I even asked to have an option to get rid of page breaks altogether - the answer back then, for Monarch Classic, was no, but I don't know whether Data Prep Studio might offer a way to capture large blocks of text without imposing page breaks.