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    Reading PDF Report

    Opal McDermeit

      I have a project file that was created some time ago to read a specific PDF report.  We are changing servers within the organization and when the same PDF report is created and downloaded from the new server, it opens with little squares instead of the actual characters that should display.  Could that be a difference in the version of Adobe used to create the PDF?  The PDF can be opened in Adobe Reader and looks right--Datawatch is displaying it differently.  Any ideas on what would cause this?

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          Olly Bond

          Hello Opal,


          You're almost certainly right. Monarch v9 can read pretty much any PDF that was created before 2008, but since then the PDF standard has evolved and you'll need a more up to date version of Monarch to handle it. You can download a free trial of Monarch v13 Classic and check yourself, or if you want, email me the PDF and I'll test it for you.


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              Opal McDermeit

              Yes that resolved our issue.  We are investigating to see if the

              application on the new server can create the PDF in a lower version or if

              we have to upgrade.


              Thanks for the quick response.



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