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    "Resolve Missing Model Files" and batch file not working

    Neil Spell


      I've searched the forums, but can't find an answer.  Sorry if I missed it.


      When calling on Monarch (v12) from a .bat file, I am receiving a pop-up titled "Resolve Missing Model Files".  It has two fieds: "Missing File" and "Open File".  The Open File field is blank, and the missing file is "C:\Users\Public\Documents\Datawatch Monarch\Models\UserDefinedFunctions.dmod".  I wasn't calling this model.  If I click okay, the file is displayed in the table view, but the export doesn't automate to the Access table.


      Here is my .bat file:

      DWMODELER /rpt:"F:\Settlement Processing\OH_Files\CorpSend.txt" /mod:"F:\Settlement Processing\OH_Files\USpec.dmod" /exp:"F:\Settlement Processing\OH_Files \TESTBusinessChecking - TEST.mdb" /expfileopt:add /exptable:"BUSCHECKNew" /exptableopt:overwrite /T


      Any advice is appreciated.  Thanks!!!

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          Olly Bond

          Hello Neil,


          When you call that batch file, it's telling Monarch to run, then open the model, then do the export you need.


          The dialog box you see is at the model opening stage. You can fix it by editing the model to remove the external references - by default, all models will point to this one to make use of the User Defined Functions (see old posts on blog.greenbar.info for some examples) but you don't need it.


          Then, if the model doesn't prompt a missing reference, the batch should execute, as long as you've got the right licence to allow you to use desktop automation in v12.


          Best wishes,



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            Paul Gonzales

            This error happens when Monarch cannot find the User-Defined Functions model due to the unchecking the "install sample files" feature during installation, and there are a couple of ways to go about this.


            1. Have Monarch reinstalled and check "install sample files"
            2. Copy User-Defined functions.xmod or .dmod and copy it to the said directory
            3. Have Monarch point to the said model by going to FIle>options and redirect the default model file folder to where the user-defined functions model is stored (C:\Users\Public\Documents\Datawatch Monarch\Models)

            Below are links for both Userdefinedfunctions.dmod and .xmod which you can download: