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    Making the move from 10.5 to current

    DHopper _

      I've been using version 10.5 for a very long time and am anticipating going to the current version soon.  Has anyone had any difficulties making the adjustment?

      I have a lot of standard data sources saved in excel. Is that still a good way of keeping standard data?

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          Olly Bond

          Hello Dana,


          Will you keep v10 in parallel to v13 or will be a complete switch? Do you share your models and projects with co-workers? Do you automate any of your Monarch work with scripts or batch files?


          Best wishes,



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              DHopper _

              Hi Olly,


              I expect to do a complete switch - but I have a lot of models and projects that we already use, both myself and colleagues.   We had automation with DataPump but have lost that ability due to some system changes that have affected my system rights.


              Others in our group (other facilities) use v13 so I hope to be able to share more with them as well.


              Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated in our transition.


              Thanks in advance!


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              Marianna Romero



              You should still be able to open your 10.5 models in the latest version of Monarch. Note though that Monarch v13.3 uses binary project and model files as opposed to the XML files used in 10.5. If you wish to convert to the new format, you can do this via the Monarch Utility.



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                hellback _

                I have run into a minor issue using the 10.5 Models with pdf reports. When I apply the model to the report, the spread reverts to zero instead of what you had set. It is a simple fix to go back and fix the spread. Otherwise I have had very few issues. Just leave yourself a little extra time to learn where the features like filters and external lookups are located.