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    issues in view the workbook published to server

    michal perry


      i published a workbook to a server which is located in U.S..

      the visualizations in the workbook extract the data from a sql server which is located in Israel. I am also located in Israel. when i try to access the published workbook all the visualization are empty and in each place of a visualization it is wrtten: 'loading...' but nothing happens (both in chrome and explorer). also, it seems that the page is being refreshed all the time..

      I asked a peer from US to try access the published workbook on the server- he success to view the workbook and he says it is being loading fast.

      I am quite frustrated because of this issue because this workbook should serve users are from some parts of the globe and it seems not to work well.

      Also to mention that we use other diferent tools located in US which we don't experience such delays so hopefully there should be some fix for this or something is not defined well on my side/browser.

      Appriciate yor help, Michal.