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    Unable to view Data Profile (Unique values) results after modifying/standardizing the fields

    Naresh Dacha


        I'm new to Data watch Monarch. Here's my scenario:



      EmpId EmpName

      100     a

      101     b

      102     C

      I did the Data profiling on this table initially using PREVIEW DATA. I have converted the 'Name' column into Upper Case using PREP DATA option. Now, i want to do the Data Profile again on the enriched data and compare the Before Profiling and After Profiling. I used the 'Show Statistics' option but it does NOT Unique values in the 'PREP DATA' window, we can see Unique values option in 'PREVIEW DATA' only.

      Does Monarch has any option to do the Profiling after enriching or standardizing the data?


      Thanks for your help.