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    How to implement Portal SSO for datawatch sever - accessing datawatch workbook

    Namrata Shah



      I want to know how to implement Portal SSO authentication for datawatch workbooks. (Ref DatawatchDesigner_v13-3_Reference_Guide.pdf - page 565)


      • (1) We have Authentication tool on WL which authenticates the user and the provide access to application url.
      • (2) Within application we have Extjs page in which we have embedded Datawatch dashboard. But as you can see in the above diagram we are passing Datawatch server url to access workbook which is on Tomcat server. There is no validation / check of use authorization before we call workbook url which is risky.


      So here the need to have authentication of user again before we call datawatch URL. I can achieve it with SSO as per the datawatch document. Can you please guide me as how to achieve it?


      - Regards

      Namrata Shah