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    Automator Error Opening WorkSpace


      Hi All,

      I created a simple visual process that consist of an input file , a workspace, and a report export. The Workspace was uploaded as a Definition Object to the server. When I run the process I get an error message of "Failed to open workSpace".

      What am I doing wrong? Has anyone else used a dataprep workspace in their processing?

      I can't find much info on workspaces in the forums or on the YouTube datawatch channel.

      I welcome any suggestions.


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          Hi Rich,


          Just wondering, have you successfully load you Input File for your DataPrep Workspace?


          And also, are you trying to export from a DataPrep Workspace, if yes, try to use the "DataPrep Export" from the DataPrep Tab instead of "Report Export".


          Hope this helps.




          Migz Perez

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              Hi Migz,

              I have an excel file that I am trying to extract data from. I used DataPrep Studio to format and join the data to a point and saved the workspace file. In DataPrep I selected “Open in Classic Mode” and did some filtering and more manipulation of the data. I saved the model and project files.


              Next I opened Automator/Server and uploaded the workspace, project and model files. Since then I have been trying to create a visual process to extract the data from the excel file. I want to extract the data into a SQL table. I’ll settle for a text file at this point.

              I used named paths for the input files and Defined objects for the projects, models and workspaces. I don’t understand why the visual process can’t open the workspace. It’s a defined object. The log files are blank.

              I can’t get the model to use the workspace either. The model is based off the workspace but I can’t get the connectors to work. See screen shot below.


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              Olly Bond

              Hello Rich,


              Is your workspace looking for file(s) in locations like C:\Users\Rich\Monarch\... or X:\Reporting\Models\...? It's just that the service account that Automator is executing under is most likely not an account which logs in interactively to Windows, and therefore is unlikely to have mapped network drives at logon, or to perhaps have permissions to read and write from folders owned by your user.


              You can clean up drive references to \\server\path\folder UNC format via the web interface - or at least that's what I saw in a recent demo.


              But there should be a verbose log file detailing the error - these are really useful in debugging Standard Processes, so I can't imagine these aren't available for Visual Processes too. Can you post that? It should be easy to read XML.


              Best wishes,



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                  Hello Olly,

                  I created and use named paths on the automator. They work great with the standard processes and I’m using the same ones in the visual processes. I don’t think it’s a permission or access issue.

                  The logs for the visual process are all blank. Nothing shows and there is no export option that I can see.

                  I’m beginning to think few people use the visual process and workspaces.


                  Thanks for your help.