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    Duplicate Handling

    Stacy Litke

      I found a similar situation dealing with duplicates from a post in 2014 which has gotten me part of the way. I did a sort account ascending, effective date descending, but when I get to the filter to drop the older of the two records I run into trouble.


      This is how I have it setup, and I get zero results in the data preview window, which tells me something is wrong. 

      [X] Select rows according to their uniqueness with respect to the specified keys

      [X] ACCTNBR selected in specified key box

      [X] Duplicated rows

      [X] One row only


      What I was hoping for was to get the first row of the duplicated account number rows.  Where did I go astray?

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          Olly Bond

          Hello Stacy,


          Are you working in classic Monarch or in Data Prep  Studio for this?


          In Monarch, do you have a function in the filter expression which will always give the value 1 or TRUE? Just the value 1, or the expression Recno()>0, will do - then the rest of it you can configure like you indicate in the advanced tab.


          Best wishes,