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    Need help with a model

    Fred Pinto

      I am using Monarch Pro 10.5 and I am trying to capture from an excel file and I'm not sure if Monarch can help.

      This is what one record of the data looks like:


      Style         Color         Fabric Content             Care Information                           Country of Origin                  Fabric Origin


      12345       brown        95 ctn /5 spx                Turn Garment Inside Out              USA                                      USA

                       red             190 GM/M2                 Machine Wash Cold

                       yellow                                            Tumble Dry Low

                       black                                              Low Iron as Needed




      I left justified all the columns and saved the doc as a pdf and I am trying to capture the data in the report  window.  I can get the detail to capture everything but I need one record of data for each color and I can't figure out how to do it.


      I think I need to use a footer template but I'm not sure how to use it because when I grab the additional colors it doesn't add the data to each record.


      Any ideas?