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    Cleared By in Monarch model

    Tanisha Bhattacharyya

      Hello All,


      I have a doubt regarding Cleared By in Monarch Model.


      First I have the following templates in my model :

      1. Header Template -- capturing the report title, Page Number etc ...

      2. Append Class template -- capturing my class field information

      3. Detail Template -- Capturing all other detail information

      So, I have a scenario where I have a Line ( having CLASS information ) at top of the detail data, appearing only once. I am trapping that with a APPEND Template.

      However, this line doesn't appear in every page. So, as per APPEND property it appears for those pages where it doesn't exist.


      Hence I decided to use Cleared By with my Page Header template. However with the Header template the Cleared By option did not yield the right result.

      When I changed my Header template into APPEND, the CLEARED BY worked.


      Can anyone please let me know, if Cleared By does'nt work with Header type of template.


      Or also, if you have some more information / examples in any kind of document or so on the same topic. The help in Monarch on this same topic is very small and does'nt clear all the doubts.


      Many thanks in advance,


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          Edrun Yuen

          Hi Tanisha,


          If you are referring to Clearing Template as per Help.


          Clearing Template


          When append or footer data is intermittently missing from the report, Monarch will copy down information from the previous instance of the append or copy up information from the previous instance of the footer template, which may not be the desired behavior.

          By default, append and footer template field values are cleared only at the end of a report file. If a template traps data you don’t want, you may want to clear its field values each time an instance of another template is encountered.

          To use the Clearing Template, select Clearing Template from the Report Design ribbon and pick a template from the list of templates in the drop-down box:


          For example, if you want an append or footer template to only apply to the closest detail record, it should be cleared by the detail template.


          I believe it only applies to Append and Footer.

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            Grant Perkins



            I think Edrun's reply describes the intended use. The Page Header template has a different purpose that allows records to be identified as a single record even if the lines of the record exist at the bottom of one page and the top of the next with the Page Header between them.


            One question for you.


            Your description of the report you are working with and the append data that does not appear on every page sounds like a very common report design and exactly fits with the design use of an append template for a code that applies to many records but is not repeated on every page. Are you absolutely sure that you only wish to see the append data associated with records on the page on which the append data  appears?


            If you really do need to see the data only on that one page (or for any other purpose where you want the append template use to stop) you will need to find an alternative piece of data that can be trapped as a template even if it has no data that you need to use. In fact it may be better if it has no data! Then use that template as the "stop" for the previous append extraction.


            You could perhaps use any lines of dashes or double dashes used as part of the "presentation" of a report (thinking here of old style "greenbar" reports and similar.) There may be some creative idea that works especially well for the report you are working with.




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                Tanisha Bhattacharyya

                Dear Edrun, Grant , thank you for your replies.


                Grant, yes you correctly understood that I do not want the Append data for Pages where it does'nt appear. Hence I was thinking of using Cleared By technique of Monarch.

                However, I could not understand the solution you had suggested. By "stop" do you mean Cleared By here, or is there any other functionality named STOP in Monarch. Please also note, that I have been using Monarch V10.5 and could not find any such functionality. I might have missed something. Will be great, if you can explain the same with 1 example. Thank you once again.

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                    Grant Perkins

                    Hi Tanisha,


                    "Cleared By" is the available function that will "Stop" the extraction adding a field's contents to following records in your example.


                    I cannot ever recall seeing a report that presented such an Append type of data that would only ever be useful for the page on which that field (or fields) appeared and not to subsequent pages all the way through until the next appearance of that template selection on another page.


                    I have seen situations where the line or lines existed but did not have data, but never the situation you have described unless the data was hardly structured at all - in which case a different approach was required.


                    Can you post and example of 2 or three pages of the report so that I can see what you are dealing with. Quite often the way to approach the requirement is more obvious when there is an example of the report and its structure to work with. I can be a very visual process.


                    If posting a public example is not possible would you be able to provide something by email or a link to a web based file sharing facility?