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    Monarch 13 - Is it possible for a project to have multiple models associated with multiple reports

    cstewart _



      All the topics I have read on this subject are old, applying to obsolete versions of Monarch.


      My company upgraded to Monarch 13 and we've lost the ability to run .bat files ("Not licensed for Command Line Operations" is the error when we run a bat file). 


      I have several PDF reports, each with its own model, each exporting to a different tab delimited text file.


      Can I use a project to mimic the functionality of a .bat file?  In other words, will a project in V13 allow me to save the reports, models associated with the reports and exports so that don't have to open each report individually, apply the appropriate model, define the export and then run the export?


      We do not own any of the Monarch Automation products.



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          Armand Max Olivares



          Monarch is able to open multiple reports and run it by a single model, unfortunately multiple models cannot be opened in Monarch.


          I believe Datawatch Automator can solve your issues rather simply, you may also opt to create projects from the report and model files and just store them in a convenient location so that you may open them up one by one and run their exports.


          Hope this Helps!



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            Olly Bond

            Hello CStewart,


            It depends on your definition of obsolete - desktop automation was removed from Monarch since 11.5, which was released three years ago. The latest twist is the release of the desktop edition of Automator - from now on Datawatch don't even offer a version of Monarch with command line automation, if I read the email from marketing correctly.


            A lot of us need to regularly run our models against reports and to share the results with colleagues. Some of us also need to run multiple models against reports to join data together from different systems. Doing either these efficiently, without asking users to manually open each report and model and to perform the relevant exports in the right order, requires automation.


            Automator has some downsides - your IT department might not want to give you a Windows server, a SQL server, the storage, the bandwidth, the backups, the service account and the rest of the overhead involved. But it has benefits - you can build your projects, define your exports, schedule them and set them to distribute exports by email or to SharePoint. Having it on a server also makes it work even when you're on vacation, or asleep - plenty of jobs need to be run off mainframe reports after the close of business each day, and processed overnight so that managers can make informed decisions in the morning.


            Another advantage of moving to a server from desktop installations is that you can manage a central library of models and projects. You can also call Automator from other applications using the API and there's an option to run scripts before and after processes - to call an OCR engine, or fetch something over SFTP, and so on.


            It really depends on how your organisation views report mining, or as the latest buzzword would have us say, data prep. For twenty years, we've been able to enjoy huge power on our desktops and we've all built hundreds of models and automated them with a huge variety of scripts. Generally, we've been under the radar of the IT departments where we work - getting on with delivering data to the people and systems who need it - just using a very cheap desktop tool.


            Now, it's different - the features, the requirements, and the pricing of Datawatch's solutions generally require users to get IT approval, and a lot of us, needing to get IT budget or resources for these tools, are having to start conversations with IT about why report mining / data prep is needed, or useful. I've been banging on about this for five years on my blog - Greenbar Analytics - Agile Business Intelligence - if you'd like to ping me an email or connect on LinkedIn, I'm easy to find.


            Best wishes,