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    Monarch v 10.5 not reading .xps format file

    Nancy Wagner

      Good afternoon! New here to the forums. When our Epic system upgraded to 2015 three weeks ago, the '.xps' file format was altered slightly (tech's best guess is the 'spacing' in it?), and Monarch v10.5 is refusing to read any data inside the file now. The older .xps files prior to the upgrade are still readable, but the new ones are not.


      When opening the file itself, the data is there, but when opening the file in Monarch it is blank.


      Unfortunately, the .xps extract is the only way to get the data we need for our calculations, so if there is anyone who has encountered a similar issue: were you able to get it fixed, and if so, how?


      Thanks for any advice!

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          Olly Bond

          Hello Nancy,


          This may help: Open XML Paper Specification - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia... Monarch 10.5 was built in 2008, and back then XPS was XPS. In the last eight years, the standard would appear to have moved on a little, so XPS is now OXPS but the file extension hasn't changed, it's just been more standardised so that other application can write XPS and read XPS more consistently. Datawatch stopped supporting Monarch 10.5 a couple of years ago, so I suspect the answer is going to be to upgrade.


          If you'd like me to check whether your XPS (and associated model) work nicely in v12 or v13, please drop ma mail.


          Best wishes,