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    Model fails to load

    Louis Lyrla

      I am using Monarch Pro Ver 10.5.  I was working with a model yesterday that was created quite awhile ago.  Over time I have modified it, as I did yesterday without any issues.  When I attempted to open the model today I received a message that the model "failed to load completely".

      There is no explanation as to why - when I did an online search I found references to potential issues with a temp file being out of room.

      I am not an IT person therefore am at a bit of a loss as to how to resolve this issue.


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          Isaac Lazo

          Hi Louis,


          Thank you for your inquiry. Monarch 10.5 inquiries are handled by our support team in a different manner. We created a support ticket for this inquiry. You will receive an email in a while and we hope you could respond on the email thread we created.

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            Olly Bond

            Hello Louis,


            Versioning of models was introduced with the Digital Object Repository in version 12 of Datawatch's server product Automator. Until then, it's just good policy to store the models in a location that IT back up for you daily, so if somethings goes wrong, you can ask for a restore of the xmod file you need.


            If that's not possible, then you can try two things - to get Monarch Utility to "copy models from one place to another" - this might fix the issue. Another is to create a new model and pull in all the required objects from the defunct one - this also may work.


            What's best or easiest depends on the model - if you can share it by email I'll happily advise.


            Best wishes,