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    Monarch 13 - Track Between Sessions Option not working

    cstewart _



      Datawatch Monarch Version


      In previous versions, if I went into the options and checked "Track Between Sessions", the next time I started Monarch, if I wanted to open a report, it would default to the last subdirectory I opened a report from.


      In my new version, "Track Between Sessions" does not seem to function this way.  I set the option to "Track Between Sessions" for everything.  Then I opened a report, model, created an export, ran the export and saved the project.


      Then I wanted to open my next report and repeat the process.  No dice, I had to start from the default folder and re-navigate for the report , model, select the correct export directory all over again.


      I then tried shutting Monarch an reopening.  Still same results.


      What does "Track Between Sessions" do in this new version?  Nothing?


      As a workaround, for each set of data, I go to options and set default folders, run all my jobs but this is tedious.