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    "not responding" errors and general attitude from Monarch Pro 11.5

    Pam Klein



      I am new to this discussion board but not to Monarch. We have an employee that is using version 11.5.  She has worked with Monarch over the last 10 or more years, but has had trouble with this version from the start.


      Only when processing files through Monarch, half the time she gets a message "not responding" before the system finally moves on and lets her continue her process.  The other half of the time Monarch gives her that error, sometimes also "out of memory", and then eventually "send error message to monarch" before she freezes up and has to reboot her system.


      We have given her 2 new (pretty robust) computers over the last year or two where we reloaded the program (and others), yet she still continues to have this same issues regularly.  Our IT person has identified it as an issue with Monarch, which makes sense since this is the only program in which this is happening. Unfortunately Monarch will not support us on her 11.5 version - even if we paid them.  So, before we throw down more money on  the newest version that I'm not sure we really need, I'm wondering if anyone has had this same trouble or has any ideas on what may be causing it. I hate to purchase a new license for her and find that we have the same issue (or different semi-crippling ones).


      We have another one working on version 10 and it's been wonderful. I don't think there are technical issues with a higher version program using a model created on a lower version, but maybe that is it (???)


      Thank you for any suggestions or thoughts! I know this isn't the typical type of question.