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    Mail Sending Fail

    Avinash Singh

      How I will generate email Alerts, In Monarch Automator and where I define email server connection credentials.

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          Marianna Romero

          Hi Avinash,


          To add an alert:

          1. On the Navigation Tree, click Automator > Standard Processes, then your Process, and the Alerts tab. The Alerts page displays.

          2. On the Alerts page, click the Add icon to create a new alert.

          3. In the Code box specify the alert type.:

          • SystemAlertProcessFailed: Indicates that a process has failed.
          • SystemAlertJobFailed: Indicates that a job has failed.
          • SystemAlertNoInputToExporter: Indicates that there was no input to the Exporter (which means, that no input file exists).
          • SystemAlertDistributionError: Indicates that a distribution has failed.
          • SystemAlertVerifyFailed: Indicates a project verification failure.

          4. In the Description field enter alert description.

          5. Click Add Actions icon to add actions to the alert.

          The Action page will display.

            a. Select the Email action (Note that if the email connection is down at the time the alert is invoked, the alert will also be written to the Windows Application Event Log.)

            b. Specify the recipients' email addresses in the corresponding boxes: From, To, Cc, Bcc

            c. Type the message subject in the Subject box and your message in the text box.

            d. Select the Attach files check box to attach a file for the alert.

            e. Select the Zip check box to archive the attached files. The Zip Options drop-down arrow will appear.

          •   Under Zip Options provide the following information:

                      Specify the compression type from the following: None, Medium, Maximum.

                      Select the Store directory path check box if necessary.

                      Select the Password check box to set the password.

          6. Select the Attach links check box to attach a link to file.

          7. Select the One file per mail check box to attach only one file per mail.

          8. Select the email priority from the following:Low, Normal, High.

          9. Click Save to save the action.


          To define your Email settings, go to System settings > System Preferences > Application Settings tab.