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    Monarch 13.2 command line export , does not export

    jaymri _

      On a new computer (win 7) , I just installed Monarch 13.2, I also have Monarch 11 on an old PC.  I resaved my project and model in 13.2.   My project exports do not automatically export from the command line, which use to work in 11. The project exports do export when done manually.

      The command line ...\DWMonarch.exe   xyz.dprj /pxall does load the all the data files and the model but does not export.

      What do I need to change? Thank you in advance.


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          Olly Bond

          Hello Jay,


          Datawatch turned off desktop automation in Monarch 11.5 - well, it's been enabled by a special licence key which costs a significant amount. This situation has continued but is coming to an end - a recent promotional email from Datawatch informed me that there was a special offer of 30% off the licence for desktop automation, but that the desktop automation offering would no longer be for sale after 30 April. Instead, the desktop edition of Automator is being proposed - as presented in a recent webinar.


          If you'd like a chat about the options around automated report mining, please do reach out by email to olly@monarchexperts.com.


          Best wishes,