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    Monarch v13 - Excel exporting issue due to range names

    Gary Morris

      Hi folks,


      I have a problem when trying to export a summary to Excel that contains no records, only headers.

      When I try to open the workbook after exporting an error message appears  advising that the workbook requires repairing.

      I pinned the cause down to one of three range names that Monarch creates during the export process. The named range is Print_Titles. If I delete this named range in the workbook, save, close and then reopen the issue goes. The problem is that Monarch recreates this named range when I export again.


      I have 16 summary exports, 14 of which contain records and also 3 named ranges. No issues result when exporting data from Monarch.


      The other two summary exports contain no records and both have the issue as described above.


      I have contacted Datawatch technical support for assistance but if anyone out there has any ideas suggestions it would be most appreciated!