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    Differences between v13 and v12?

    Dirk Schulze

      I'm curious about what has changed from v12 to v13.  I was unable find any posts that spell out the changes.


      I moved from v11 to v12 and the newer version definitely is more powerful.  But it also is less efficient, at least for me. I do wonder if I use Monarch a bit differently than most users.  For me it is a swiss army knife, not an enterprise solution. 


      I will watch the webinar later but I doubt that questions I have will be addressed.  Specifically, have some of the more awkward aspects of v12 been corrected to be a little more user-friendly?  In particular:


      • External Lookups
        • When changing the data source from the External Lookup Fields screen the Linking Column, Select and Table Window Name columns are all reset even if the new file has the same format and layout as the prior file (I need to change the lookup monthly).  At this point I have to recreate the specifics of the lookup.  Does v13 maintain my lookup parameters when changing the data source?

        • The ability to view only database queries or only database tables was available in prior version but is missing from v12.
        • After changing the source file Monarch defaults to the first Data Source rather than returning to the one you were working on.
      • Edit Table PropertiesFilters can’t be sorted by name in the Filters box.  Individually they can be moved up or down but not sorted as a whole. Instead they simply are listed in order of creation.
        • Select/Deselect All buttons for the Hidden column on the Edit Table Properties window would be very helpful.

        • The window cannot be reduced to allow me to see other windows/views within Monarch.  In particular I can’t see the report view when working on the Edit Table Properties window.
        • When designing a Formula Field, if you double click a Field or Operator to add it to the Expression the cursor starts a new line rather than placing it after the just entered field forcing you to back track to continue writing the expression.
        • The Help function is not available from the Expression box in Design vie
      • User Edit Fields
        • When double-clicking a user edit field I am taken into the User Edit Screen and the field is highlighted as if I can enter data.  But data cannot be entered and I must move off the cell and move back before entering data.

        • If the cell I am editing is in the first row the data entered doesn't actually appear in the cell until Enter is pressed.  Tabbing does not make the data appear.  This does not happen on other rows on the same screen, Tab and Enter are interchangeable.
        • A Cancel button on this screen would be helpful.
      • When creating a Lookup field you:
        • Can’t sort by the Input Value column
        • Can’t tab to the Output Value field and begin entering you must click on the field 3 times before you can enter a value.
        • Same thing if you want to enter an Input Value manually.


      Some of these items are minor and some may be bugs.  But as a whole they have made Monarch more difficult to use, offsetting much of the benefit of its increased power.  Please don’t get me wrong.  I love Monarch.  It is a beast with PDF files.  I’m just frustrated with some functionality that isn’t as efficient as it was in prior versions.