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    Sorting in Monarch 13

    Chris Bellwood

      Could I make a few suggestions about sorting tables in Monarch 13?


      When I'm working with data in the table view I usually create new sorts by right-clicking on the field I'm interested in, choosing sort, and then new sort.


      In previous versions of Monarch this would take me to a dialogue box where I could create a new sort.  The selected fields box would be pre-loaded with the field I had initially right-clicked on, and the name of the sort would default to the name of that field.  If I remember correctly, there was also a way to apply the sort to the table when the dialogue box was closed.


      In Monarch 13 I can still right-click on a field to create a new sort in the table editor.  However, the selected fields box is empty, and the name defaults to "sort" .  Additionally, the available fields box seems to display fields in the order that they were created rather than alphabetically, which can make it tedious to find the field I'm interested (one which would have been preloaded in prior versions).  Lastly, there doesn't seem to be a way to automatically apply the sort to the table on exit from the table editor (Monarch 13 does have this option for new filters).  Strangely enough, this inability to apply the new sort on exit has been particularly vexing for me.


      I found the prior experience much more intuitive and user-friendly, and I'm wondering if it would be possible to bring some of those features back?  Specifically:


      1.  Pre-load the selected fields box when a user right-clicks on a field in table view to create a new sort, and

      2.  have sort names default to the selected field in that scenario.

      3.  Show the list of available fields alphabetically when editing a sort.

      4.  Include a checkbox to "make this the active sort" as is available when creating/editing filters.


      Kind Regards,


      Chris Bellwood