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    Creating new dashboard in a workbook

    Barry Barnett

      Working on my first project and I need several dashboards that show the same fields from different table sources.


      Can I copy and paste a dashboard and change what table it uses?

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          Hi Barry,


          You can definitely copy and paste the dashboard in a new one. However, you'll not be able to change the Data Table that was use by the Chart in the original dashboard


          Here's a video on how to copy and paste dashboards: Copy Dashboards within a Workbook


          Hope this answer your inquiry





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            Theo Klemming

            Hi Barry


            What Michael says is indeed correct: once you have associated a visualization with a data table, you cannot re-wire that visualization or any copy of it to use a different data table. You'd have to create a new, similar visualization from scratch.


            For your scenario, there may however be another option, since you mention that you are using the same fields from all data sets.  Assuming that your data is in different tables in the same data base, or in different files with the same naming pattern in the same folder, you could build just 1 single dashboard, and then change which data table is on display by making a selection in a list, that changes a parameter which you have made part of either a SQL query or a file path.


            So, in case you are using a database, you would add a parameter to the data table, which you could name for example "selected_dataset". You SQL query would then be something like SELECT colA, colB, colC from {selected_dataset}

            Note how the referencing of the parameter name within curly brackets instead of a fixed database table name will allow for changing what the query returns by changing the value of the parameter.


            In case you are using files, for example csv files, you would perhaps be loading data from a file path like "C:\mydata\file_A.csv"

            Here, you would again introduce the parameter name, so that the file path instead is specified as "C:\mydata\{selected_dataset}.csv"


            When your dashboard is built and done using any one of your different data sets, it will be time to introduce the tool that will allow you to change the parameter value. You would then create a new, separate data table, and using the Text connector, type in a list of all the possible values such as Table_A, Table_B, Table_C or File_A, File_B, File_C etc to create a single-column data table.


            Then add an action drop-down control to the dashboard, and populate it using your single column data table that lists all available data sets. When you are done, step into presentation mode to test it.


            Best regards, Theo Klemming