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    How do I move multiple fields at once in the template editor?

    Chris Bellwood

      We recently upgraded from Monarch 11 to Monarch 13, and I'm struggling to relearn some things.


      It used to be that, if I had 10 fields trapped in the template editor and I wanted to move the rightmost five of them simultaneously, I could put my cursor between the fifth and sixth fields in the trap line, and click the right arrow.  This would move all fields to the right of the cursor one space to the right.


      Alternatively, if I put the cursor in a field on the trap line (as opposed to between fields) and clicked the right arrow, just that field would move - leaving every other field in its original position.


      With Monarch 13 I can still do the latter.  If I put my cursor in a field on the trap line I can shift it left and right using the arrow on the toolbar.  However, I can't seem to figure out how to move multiple fields simultaneously.  When I put my cursor between fields on the trap line the right and left arrows on the toolbar are grayed out.   Is there still a way to shift multiple fields simultaneously?