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    Sica _

      Hello,  I'm trying to create a template for two overlapping columns from a pdf.  Is there a relatively simple way to process

      ?  thx

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          Chris Porthouse

          Are you trying to do this in the same template?  You cannot overlap fields in the same template in Monarch.

          Are the columns overlapping because of the way the PDF file is being rendered?  If that is the case, I would play with the PDF options to see if you can get the columns to line up better.  Maybe you can share a screenshot of what you are trying to accomplish.

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              Sica _

              here is a screenshot

              As you can see the symbolitst column lines up with Deluxe Financial, but Deluxe treads into the right column causing all remaining items to shift.


              thx for your assistance

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                  Chris Porthouse

                  thanks for the screen shot.  Which information are you trying to capture (Symobolist, Deluxe Financial, etc., or T033410..., TLRB-M068, etc).


                  When you look at the original PDF file, do those columns line up neatly?  If that is the case, I would then work with the PDF Importer options.  In report view, click on the PDF/XPS Options button:

                  and then try either selecting monospaced option or playing with the stretch slider until the columns line up correctly.

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                      Sica _

                      Most of the lines are working, but I'm still having issues with certain fields. 

                      Is there a way to utilize a spreadsheet, where I need a "cell" to repeat to the left of the data that is below it.

                      I need 232 - Maureen Caggiano to be on the left of the Date columns, until there is a break from the data (Total :" cell)

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                          Olly Bond

                          Hello Sica,


                          Yes - the Advanced Field Options allow this - see the Media field in Lesson10.xmod with Classic.prn as an example.


                          From the look of your last screenshot, perhaps if you trap the 232-Maureen line as an Append template, and the lines with the dates in as the Detail template, you might get what you are looking for.


                          Best wishes,



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                          Grant Perkins

                          I agree Chris, this is the way to go here. In an extreme example just make the page extra wide and see what happens.


                          Sica _,


                          If that fails to give something with cleaner columns to work with (they don't have to be perfectly aligned) then there are other techniques to extract the data into the columns as required.


                          A first attempt might look at a floating trap based solution.


                          If that still does not offer an easy and complete route then whole line extraction and using calculated fields to slice and dice the data may be the way to go.


                          You could also check to see what Adobe PDF reader export to text makes of the file.


                          In these situations it may be necessary to "stand back" from the problem details and find a global approach that offers new options to encapsulate the data fields you need to extract. It's tricky to suggest anything much from seeing snippets of the challenging report in such circumstances.