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    template [ ] added to end of xls export

    brad onuch

      hi I have a template that I created as append data


      the type is character the width of the character set can be 3 to a max of 6 characters long.


      when I export the file to xls it adds [] brackets to the end of the 3 character set fields


      I have the display and template width set to 6 is this correct as I do not want those brackets in the export?


      tks b.

        • Re: template [ ] added to end of xls export
          Olly Bond

          Hello Brad,


          If you create a new Calculated field in the Table, using the expression strip(OriginalField;"[]"), does this affect the export?


          I suspect it might be not [] but something like □ - perhaps it is an end of line character which isn't being ignored.


          You might find that toggling the Ignore Print Control Characters setting in Options helps fix it.


          Best wishes,