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    Grab field below detail line

    Billy Mackie



      I am using monarch 11.2 pro.

      I have created a detail template which pulls the fields off one line, but on most of the records I am grabbing, but not all of them, there is an additional description field on the line below. There is no unique way to trap this line with an append template. How can I grab this description field using my existing detail trap?


      Also separately, what is the formula to grab line 1 of a multiline field. (one of my attempts to get around the above, except it doesn't work very well because the description field below overlaps all the fields above.

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          Olly Bond

          Hello Billy,


          Textline([MultiLineFieldName];1) will return the first line of a multiline field. This function and others are covered in the webinar on Invisible Data - which should be available in the On Demand Webcasts on Datawatch's main website.


          If you have no blank space between the records, then you might have to trap the entire line 1 as one Memo field, set it to be multi-line and to end on "none of the above" in the advanced field options. Getting line 2 will be easy, using the formula above, but for the various fields on line 1 you might need to use lsplit(intrim(textline([MemoField];1);...


          Best wishes,