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    Calculated field not working properly

    hellback _

      I have recently upgraded to the newest Datawatch Monarch and am having trouble with one of my 10.5 models. It is having an issue with a couple of my calculated fields.

      My data looks like this. In the header row I have captured the information I need. There is a hierarchy to the layout and I am using calculated fields to get the information sorted properly. In this example the top blue line has Commissioners in the Department field and the subdepartment field is .-. On the next line, the Commissioners department field is followed by the Subdepartment field Records/Micro. I want my table to display the name of the Subdepartment. But if there is not a subdepartment it should display the Department name. (The first row should show Commissioners, the second should show Records/Micro.

      I created a calculated field: RealDept with the formula if(subdept="-",Dept,subdept). This formula works in 10.5 but in the new version, I cannot get the if statement to be true. (It will not return the Department name if there is no subdepartment.)

      I am having the same trouble with two other calculated fields as well. Any ideas will be welcome.