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    Display more values in Monarch

    Jean-Charles Peyrondet


      I wish to report that appears customers rows and weekly column .

      The columns are the number of 8 including:

      - 6 columns for the sum of value1 current week S to week S-5

      - 1 column for the evolution of value1 between S and current week before last week S-1

      - 1 column for the sum of value2 an current week S

      To summarize , I have to display several values in the report column .

      How this kind of report ?

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          Olly Bond

          Hello Jean-Charles,


          The source data in the table - does it have fields like Customer, Week and Balance? Is the Week a numeric field, so we are now in week 6 of 2016, or is it a date like 10 Feb 2016? Is the level of detail set so there is only one row per customer per week, or are there sometimes more transactions for a customer in a particular week?


          And I guess you want something which will run again simply next week, and the next week and so on, without needing to update the S value each time?


          Best wishes,