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    install server Automator error

    Khoan Le


      I try to install the Datawatch server Automator v.12.4 on Windows server 2012 R2 with MS SQL 2012 SP2 already installed but I got the error as below


      has Anyone encountered this please advise



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          Olly Bond

          Hello Khoan,


          If you run the installer using the "run as administrator" function this might help.


          But this is really an issue for support.


          Best wishes,



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              Khoan Le

              Hi ollybond

              Thanks for your reply; yes I did 'run as administrator'; I've tried on windows server 2008 R2 and 2012 R2 and got the same error from both; I also tried start the service manually but failed as well





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                  Chris Porthouse

                  Have you resolved this issue yet?  This is almost always a permission issue.  If running as an administrator does not work try the following:

                  At the point in the install failure, go into the services panel, select the properties for the Datawatch Config Server service and click on the Log On Tab.  Set the correct service account name and password and click ok.  You should either get a pop up stating that the user account has been given permissions to log on as a service, or a more detailed error about why that user account is not valid (perhaps it has been locked from too many attempts), or nothing.  If you are successful, then try starting the service from the control panel.  If it starts, then go back to the installer and click retry.


                  The other option is that you are missing a prerequisite.  Are you using the single server installer or the advanced installer?  Make sure you have the right .net frameworks installed.


                  Hope this helps.