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    Detail records may have a blank row

    Kristie _


      I have a pretty simple report with a header section and client sections but the client sections wrap  to the next page in some cases and there is a blank line before continuing to the next page.

      102999999 CLIENT, NAME  S                01/30/15         250.00         250.00   R W 1 T0S REG  0054       .00  304-17-9074 0  0

                 1222 LAKEVIEW DR                                             250.00   01/30/15                  .00             


      90.471/ CENTIER BANK                   DDA NEW & CLOSED ACCOUNTS THIS MONTH       DD-83   CSI310855   01/30/15         PAGE   7


        ACCT #   NAME                         DATE OPEN    AVG BAL MTD   CURR BALANCE  OFF TY S/C IBA  BR  S/C WV MTD    T.I.N.  WH CT

                                              DATE CLOSED  AVG BAL L12    LST DEP AMT LST DEP DATE         S/C WV YTD                

                                              DT LST STMT                                                  SER CHG MTD               

                                              DT LST ACTV                                                  SER CHG YTD               


                 MERRILLVILLE IN 46375        01/30/15                                                           .00  NEW        

                                              01/30/15                                                           .00            

      I have made the header record lines blue in addition to the one blank line below it.  My issue seems to be the blank line above the header that is splitting the record.  when the record is not spanning two pages I am able to get the data that I need.  I am using Modeler v12.  Any ideas?  thanks