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    Command Line Execution for License Registration?

    Keith Meyers

      Hi there,


      I've been tasked with deploying 20 installs of both Monarch and Designer.  I have been able to extract MSIs and determine prerequisites for install, and plan on using Symantec Deployment Solution to distribute and remotely install the software.  So far testing looks good, except for the fact that I cannot yet determine if there is a way to execute license registration in some remote manner, hopefully via command line.  I would prefer not to visit these users to manually apply an activation code.  Could anyone provide me with some information on how I might be able to handle this?




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          Isaac Lazo

          Hi Keith,


          May I ask what Monarch and Designer version you are pertaining to? In regards with your question, our old versions of products have installation capabilities for silent activation / deactivation (Using command line). For 3rd party apps that may help you to remote install / monitor our software as per user (Batch file)? Datawatch doesn't recommend that kind of set-up. That is why we have a License Server to deal with these types of installation.


          Every product installation has strict prerequisites and configuration. I may say that it may be successful, yet I doubt for a time being.