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    Problem python connection

    Rick Curfs

      Hi all,


      I read that there are python-scripts available on the web that are able to extract data from twitter. Now that I installed Python locally on my vmware-server I can't get Python connected to my Desktop designer.


      Python idle is running fine, I've  configured Pyro in Python:




      Host: localhost

      HMAC: [password]

      also I changed the "pickle" items.


      When I run the start_Python_connectivity.bat and use "test connection" from the Python-connector in the desktop designer it says "unknown Name Server"


      strange enough a portscanner doesn't show any open ports.


      Any idea?

        • Re: Problem python connection
          Theo Klemming

          Is it the VMware server that you scan, which shows no open ports?

          Have you tried setting the VMware server ip-address in the Python settings in Designer?

          I don't have any exact instructions for how to make sure the required ports are open on your VMware server.


          However, if you would like to test your Python scripts and make some tests, you can also place Python on your local system, and specify "localhost" as the host in the settings for the Python connection in Designer.