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    AUTOMATOR : Process failed

    Jean-Charles Peyrondet

      Since 02.04.2016 my Daily jobs on Automator no longer works.
      Message Status:
      "Access denied - check passsword and connection"
      I checked the ODBC Data Source used, this one is correctly connects to the database.
      I have the same problem with other jobs, even status message using another ODBC data source.
      Have you any advice for me to solve these problems?

      Here are the details of the visible error in the Job:
      Failed: Access denied - check password and connection.System.Exception: Access denied - check password and connection. à Datawatch.Engine.ApplicationManager.ValidatePasswords() à Datawatch.SDK.EngineApi.Open() à Datawatch.Export.DatawatchSdk.ProjectExporter.PrepareProject(ExportProjectModel exportModel, EngineApi engine) à Datawatch.Export.DatawatchSdk.ProjectExporter.ProjectExport(ExportProjectModel exportModel) à Datawatch.Services.DataPump.Processing.ProjectProcessor.ProcessProject(PumpProjectFile pumpProjectFile, PumpJob job) à Datawatch.Services.DataPump.Processing.JobProcessor.ProcessExport(PumpJobExtended job, PumpProjectFile pumpProjectFile, PumpManifestSerialized manifestSerialized) à Datawatch.Services.DataPump.Processing.JobProcessor.ProcessJob(PumpJobExtended job, PumpManifestSerialized manifestSerialized)

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          Frank Walka

          I'm getting the same issue with an access database that I'm using for an external lookup. The database is password protected however I entered the password into the model and all works fine. It is failing when I run it through the automator process with the same exact error message. I do not see a place to enter the password in Datawatch server dashboard for either the process, model, or project. Am I missing something?

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              Jean-Charles Peyrondet

              In DSAdmin on AUTOMATOR , you can enter the password by going to :
              Automator Menu / Standard Processes /
              You click on your process
              In the " Project File Paths " , you click on the " Open in Editor project "
              You will in the "Input" tab
              "DataBase" must be checked.
              "Include password" must be checked.
              Your password must be entered.

              For our problem, I opened a support ticket , with whom I exchanged via WebEx. The technician sees no solution yet , it must reproduce the case on its side before I return to correct