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    Select all in Action Dropdown list




      I search a way to make a javascript code communicate with Datawatch checkboxes.


      The "Select All" option exists for the Filters but not for the Action Dropdown list.

      More precisely I need to create a button in Datawatch which could check/uncheck by Javascript all checkboxes in one Action Dropdown list (not a filter), to change automatically a parameter.


      How do you think it could be possible ?


      Thanks in advance for your help.



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          Theo Klemming

          Hello Michael


          At this point, what you describe is not possible. The Action Drop Down settings are not exposed for control via Javascript. You could however control the value of the parameter via Javascript, but it means you would always have to know beforehand all of the value options in the drop-down list.


          However, since you would like to be able to select ALL the values in the Action Dropdown, may I ask why you use a parameter and an Action Dropdown at all? If your use case is such that it works fine loading all data that matches any of the parameter value options, you should be able to use an in-memory filter instead, where you do have the Select All. This is basically the logic behind the decision to not have a Select All option for the Action Dropdown: When using a parameter and an Action Dropdown, it is because the data volume does not allow that you load ALL data.


          I hope this can give you some ideas for alternative solutions.


          Best regards, Theo Klemming

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              Thanks for your answer Theo,


              I use Action Dropdown more than filters because in parallel I need to show Top 10 list depending on the selection I make.

              For example I need to show the Top 10 clients depending on selected markets or countries.

              As this dynamic Top 10 doesn't seem possible in Datawatch, this is done in the back-end by passing the selections in parameters.