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    Blue Hill Research: Telecommunications Thirst for Big Data

      Telecommunications Thirst for Big Data


      Communications services providers (CSP) are the originators of Big Data. For decades, they have managed the call records and feature usage for millions of users on a minute-by-minute basis. As a result, CSPs have developed highly sophisticated and complex analyses based on the scale and granularity of this data.

      The telco industry is a mature industry characterized by a handful of dominant global players, as well as fierce competition brought about by well-funded new entrants and regional telecom and cable carriers. In many respects, the core service offerings of voice, internet, and media are largely undifferentiated and commoditized. As such, revenue growth is broadly a function of upselling current customers and luring customers away from competitors. In the telco industry, subscribers understand that they need the service, but need to be persuaded as to why they should choose one vendor in particular. These vendors place significant effort into winning the business of each individual customer, meaning that world-class data analytics is a competitive necessity rather than a luxury.

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