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    Can't get my spreadsheet to transfer correctly.

    April Grimes

      Hello, I'm looking for some help please.

      I have a report that lists all of the info from the bottom up so it should be easy but for some reason, when I have more than one item to list the other items aren't transferring.


      For example:

      Item #1

      Item #2

      Item #3

      Customer Name & #

      Rep Name & #

      Origianlly, I had the Rep Name & # as the Detail, The Customer Name & # as Append 1 and the Item # as Append 2

      Everything lined up correctly, but it was only pulling in the last item listed for each occurance.


      I've changed it and now I have Item #'s as Detail, Customer Name & # as Append 1 and Rep Name & # as Append 2.  This seems to be bringing all of the items in but now on the top of the report I have two items listed for the first Cust Name and it has shifted all of the Cust & Rep info down to the 3rd item down.

      First Customer9922005555Red Roses
      Second Customer9010101010Daisies
      Second Customer90101021212Yellow Roses


      How can I fix this so that it is registering the correct customer from the first item #?