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    Upgrading from 10.5 to 13.x questions

    Cyndy Sheehan

      We are investigating upgrading from Monarch version #10.5 to the latest version.  I am trying to find information on the upgrade process for the 10,5 models and projects.  Is it an easy upgrade?  Are there any known issues going from 10.5 to 13.x?  What will not work from 10.5?  Could anyone please pass on any links to information or experiences that they have had in the upgrade process.



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          Armand Max Olivares

          Hi Cindy,


          The upgrade from 10.5 - 13 is a very quick and easy process, you basically just install 13 and you are good to go you may run your old files as normal, both the xmod and xprj formats are supported in version 13. Which means that your project and model files will run after the upgrade.


          There are no known issues when upgrading from 10.5 to 13 as they are both separate installs and are treated as 2 different programs. Though I would like to recommend that you uninstall version 10 from your system due to the security risk that it poses as it is a legacy product and uses old technology that is currently exploitable. You may find the original article about the Security notice below.


          ------------------------------------Security Notice----------------------------------

          Monarch versions 10.5 and prior versions of Monarch utilize Microsoft XML Parser 4.0, officially known as XML Core Services 4.0 (MSXML 4.0) – an application that is no longer supported by Microsoft and was declared end-of-life (EOL) by Microsoft in April 2014 and does not receive any further security updates.  (Monarch versions 10.5 and prior versions of Monarch are all EOL and no longer supported by Datawatch.)  MSXML 4.0 is subject to potentially critical vulnerabilities.  Datawatch provides no warranty on Monarch versions 10.5 and prior and disclaims any liability related to MSXML 4.0 or otherwise.

          Datawatch strongly urges any user of Monarch 10.5 and prior versions of Monarch to immediately upgrade to Monarch 13, the current version of Monarch, which does not utilize MSXML 4.0.  For information on Monarch upgrade options, call 978-441-2200.

          ------------------------------------Security Notice----------------------------------


          Hope this helps.



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            Olly Bond

            Dear Cyndy,


            Monarch v13 uses a different file format - dmod and dprj - from the xmod and xprj you are used to, but it can read the old formats fine, and there's now a Utility that can batch convert your old files too. There are two things that won't work in v13.


            Firstly, Monarch doesn't make charts anymore - if you want to see visualisations of your data, then get Datawatch Designer or something similar. Secondly, batch files or COM automation of Monarch are no longer supported in the normal licence - so if you need to automate Monarch jobs then you'll either need the special licence of Monarch that allows this, or you'll need Automator, the server version of Monarch.


            Hope this helps,