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    Need help with PDF printed from source as opposed to being saved as PDF

    rattlehead02 _

      Hi all!


      I've been using Monarch for several years now, and while i'm no expert I do have a decent familiarity with it. I've got a lot of PDFs that were printed from the source instead of being saved as a PDF. I'm not sure why the PDFs were printed instead of saved, but they were and they can't be redone so I'm stuck with what i've got.


      I'm currently using version 13.03. So far what I've done is in Acrobat Pro DC version 2015.009.20079 I used its built-in OCR functionality which did a fine job of recognizing the text. But it put all the text in textboxes, which I didn't think would work with Monarch, and it didn't. I then printed that PDF to another PDF. In that new PDF the text looked great and I could select it just like any other "good" PDF. But when I pasted the text into Notepad I got:


      Edit: Here I had pasted the results from Notepad, but the little hollow square boxes that pasted in didn't appear when I saved my post.


      And in Monarch it's:


      8+&AA 0:; " A =(=8(A%A **8+::A)/662A
      A !AA &;&>0&A!?7 AAA=5:,68*A*A #+:;A 3+8465;A 6)&3A
      A !AA &;&>0&A!?7 AAA#66*8=,-A5A #+:;A 3+8465;A 6)&3A
      AAA &;&>0&AAAA 0,</A;A &;&>0&A 6)&2A A
      A 3AA 0+8)+A!?7 AAA;023A4+&*6?A8A #+:;A 3+8465;A 6)&3A
      A !AA &;&>0&A!?7 AAA#63,A 8++1A#+:;A 3+8465;A 6)&3A
      A " AA"5065A!?7 AAA!8++>0+?A;A #+:;A 3+8465;A 6)&3A
      A " AA"5065A!?7 AAA#=+(63*A5A #+:;A 3+8465;A 6)&3A
      A " AA"5065A!?7 AAA&8.A &2;A =5A*A #+:;A 3+8465;A 6)&3A
      A " AA"5065A!?7 AAA26=./A1A #+:;A 3+8465;A 6)&3A
      A " AA"5065A!?7 AAA:7+5A 3+5A8A #+:;A 3+8465;A 6)&3A
      A !AA &;&>0&A!?7 AAA3*A ;A ;AA&;&>0&A 6)&2A A
      A " AA"5065A!?7 AAA6=5;@A +&;A#+:;A 3+8465;A 6)&3A
      A !AA &;&>0&A!?7 AAA3*A ;A ;AA&;&>0&A 6)&2A A
      A " AA"5065A!?7 AAA772+A5A #+:;A 3+8465;A 6)&3A
      AAA &;&>0&AAA3*A 6:;65A*A &;&>0&A 6)&2A A


      Anyone have any tips on how I can get these PDFs to work in Monarch? And just to clarify, the PDFs weren't scanned. They were created on-demand from a website using a Chrome browser and instead of saving them directly the person who ran the reports printed them to PDF thinking it wouldn't matter. So the text on the PDFs is crystal clear.