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    I am having trouble getting a specific trapped line to connect to the line just above it ... I've attached screen shots of what it's doing and an example of what I would like it to do.  Can anyone shed light on this issue?  Thank you.

    Vanessa Davis

      Below we have selected …

      • Detail – highlighted in yellow (misc. item information)

      • Append 1 - *SUB* item information

      • Append 2 – Vendor # and Name (i.e. 12414 Westrock C)

      • Append 3 – Buyer # and Name (i.e. 1 Jackie Elder) What we want to see in table …

           • Mics. item information in yellow connected to the Vender # and name and to the Buyer # and name with the SUB item only connected to the item just above it

                o What is happening is shown in the second screen shot …

                      the SUB item isn't being connected to the correct item     

                      it’s being connected to the item listed just below it and then repeated until another SUB item is listed

                      How do we get the SUB item to show in the blue highlighted cell and stop the repeations?


      Thank you in advance for any help you can give.