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    Empty output file - can I create a PDF that specifies "No activity today"?

    Rebekah T

      On version 10.5 Monarch and Data Pump/Automator due to enterprise content management system constraints (we cannot upgrade until compatibility is established between Datawatch and the vendor). I am running some models against reports that sometimes have no data for the detail trap. When this occurs I end up with a PDF that errors out when opened ("There was an error opening this document. This file cannot be opened because it has no pages"). I do want to create a document even when there is no data - that is how reports coming out of our core system generally work and it is what people are used to. What would be optimal would be a PDF with the header information and a footer stating "No activity today." I have found that if trap on the header info as detail, and use an "if" statement, I can get the desired results when the report is blank. But when there is data, using header info for the detail means only one record per page, so I miss out on any additional data. Any suggestions? It seems as though this should be easier than it is appearing to.

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