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    Data Prep Studio - reusing change lists

    Doug Nichols

      I built a model in data prep studio and then saved the change list.  How do I use a again on new information.  When I pull the pdf in to data prep, it doesn't give me any options to use the change list I already made.  It wants me to build another model?


      When building a model in data prep- do I have to go to classic and save it as a model?


      What are the steps if I only need to use data prep- can I skip the saving a model in classic?  If so, what are the steps to pull a new pdf in to data prep and then use the change list I have already created.



        • Re: Data Prep Studio - reusing change lists
          Lalaine Manghinang

          When working with change list and you want to reuse the change list you have exported or saved. Just import the change list in DPS to the table you selected. And the change list will be displayed in the Change History panel and applied to the current table.

          Here are the Steps:

          1.Open PDF file and load the table in Prep Data
          2.Go to Application Menu (menu where you exported/saved change list)
          3.click Import Change List
          4.Browse the exported change list.


          Also, if you have multiple tables opened in Prep Data, and you want to use the change list to other tables, just select a table and drag and drop the change list applicable to that table.