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    Export multiple filters via a batch job

    Gary Morris

      Hi folks,


      I  have created a v11 .xprj with one model and several filters. The export is set so that all the filters are saved to one workbook containing several sheets.


      the syntax is as follows


      "C:\Program Files (x86)\Datawatch\Monarch\Program\Monarch.exe" /prj: "K:\Finance\FinancialReportingDev\SBE Gloss\Projects\Gloss Static Data Check.xprj" /PXALL


      If I open the project and export manually it runs fine but when I try to run via a batch file all that happens is a blank Monarch session opens and nothing downloads.


      any advice/assistance would be most appreciated!





        • Re: Export multiple filters via a batch job
          Joe Berry

          I use the following syntax and have for years with no issues:


          Start /Wait /Min "Must Have Something Here" "c:\Program Files (x86)\Monarch\Program\Monarch.exe" /prj:"Project Path/Name.xprj" /mod:"Model Path Name.xmod"  /T  /pxall /Wait MIN


          The START command along with WAIT syntax prevents the process from completing prematurely.  I have created several of these in V10.5.  I learned this from the late and great Data Kruncher.


          I hope this helps.