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    Is it possible to import from earlier Monarch models in v13?

    AlexM _

      I can't see where I can import calculated fields, filters and summaries from earlier Monarch models in v13. Does this facility exist and, if so, where is this done?




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          John Edison Hernandez

          Hi Alex,


          For Calculated fields, filters etc. Go to Table Tab then click Table Design. You need to click "Add".


          For Summaries. Go to Summary Tab then click Summary Design and choose "Add Summary".


          Then for earlier Monarch Models just follow these steps.


          To convert the model files you may go to Start>All Programs>Datawatch Monarch 13>Monarch Utility.


          Upon opening the utility please select Convert text/XML models or projects to Binary and hit next.


          Choose the source folder where the models you wish to convert are from and a destination folder for where you would like the converted models to be stored. Hit Next then Finish and the models will be converted.



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            Grant Perkins

            Hi Alex,



            So you were the person who used the Linked Object and User Defined Functions functionality (or part of it ....) ....  


            Joe too?


            I can't recall seeing many (if any) questions about it since its introduction way way back and I have to confess that I had concluded that probably no one was using it!


            As Joe mentioned the functionality, which was somewhat complex code, has been omitted thus far in the more recent versions. As I understand things this was partly for reasons of logistics and how it could all be re-developed within the new underlying engine and development tool set.


            If you are mainly copying and embedding local autonomous versions of previously developed "objects" one possible time saving approach to consider is to open a model with the "Object" you wish to duplicate, browse the Model Info, identity the field/Calculation/WHY that you need and then copy the definition and paste it into your new model development.


            It should work well for calculated fields although obviously edits for Field Name differences, etc., would still need to be applied.


            I'm not sure if it would be quite as successful for other things - Internal Lookup Tables for example, I have not considered those yet - but it might offer something in the way of time saving for large or complex special definitions.








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              Joe Berry



              I have used the copy/paste suggestion; however, I miss the ability to import Summaries.  They don't lend themselves well to copy/paste.  In my experience, I do many reports that require the same/almost the same definitions for calculated fields and summaries.  The import function allowed me to bring in multiples in one process.


              When I read the enhancement info about this when it first came out, I remember thinking I would never use it.  I certainly became addictive.  That along with being able to edit the XML models/projects directly for small changes really worked for me.  I have had to develop a little different approach with the newer versions.



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                Joseph Beckner

                Agreed. We are converting from Monarch to Modeler, and this is a HUGE issue for me, as I've created over 250 caluclated fields in Monarch and now have to reinvent the wheel in Modeler.


                Frankly, would rather use the old Monarch Pro than Modeler, since I've lost so much functionality. It's a step backwards.

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                  Chris Bellwood

                  I too am very disappointed that it's no longer possible to import calculated fields, filters, summaries, &c from one model to another.  It's incredibly inconvenient to have to find a specific model, open it up, and manually copy and paste definitions one at a time from one model to another.  You used to be able to get a list of all the calculated fields in all of the models within a folder, select the half dozen you wanted to import, and have them immediately available.  The import process even warned you if the imported fields relied on other fields that weren't already in the destination model.


                  Please bring this functionality back.  Eliminating it made Monarch much less efficient.