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    Datatable Error - Union

    Paul White

      Hello, I am trying to perform a Union function between a SQL data set and a Streambase data set.  I get the following error message:  "A TextColumn column from the left table in the union is not compatible witha TimeColumn column in the right".  The SQL database is my "left" table, the StreamBase data is my "right" table.  (In the datatable window, the SQL is on top, the Streambase is on bottom of the union function)


      I've got this function to perform with success in the past.  Then I added 4 more columns to my stream.  The columns added were not time based in any way.  For some reason I am now getting an error message about the time columns in the union.  I'm assuming I'll need to cast my DateTime column in a different format, but I would like to know how DataWatch handles the Date/Time columns from StreamBase.  Anybody have a clue?