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    How to use Excel models- I'm new to Monarch

    Doug Nichols



      I am new to using monarch 13 and I need some help.


      This is what I have done so far:


      • I took my original spreadsheet and saved it as a model
      • then I made all of the changes that I needed to make in data prep
      • then I went to classic mode and organized all of the columns in the order I wanted
      • then I saved as a project
      • then saved as a model
      • So now I have a new spreadsheet with new data- the spreadsheet is in the same format as the original was above.   I need to know the steps on how to use the model I created above so I don't have to recreate everything on the new spreadsheet.
      • *please let me know if I made any errors above in case I am doing something incorrectly and then how to use the models.
      • Thanks for your help in advance.  Doug